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This IS News!!

Golden Globes 2014 
Snorzy Worzy

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, honouring the artists of film and television, were presented by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association  to the world live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. For the second time Amy Poehler and  Tina Fey co-hosted the show, with Amy Poehler actually nominated for Golden Globe in the category of Best Actress, Comedy. Well the whole thing could've been a whole lot more fun and sloppy, as most people expect these awards to be, due to the unique aspect of alcohol being served and consumed throughout the duration of the show. 

It would seem that the years of Alcoholics Anonymous and 12 Steps have finally taken their toll on the wonderful, off-center, drunken, rollicking crap-storm that the Golden Globes used to be. Oh well. 

It was nice to see Matt Easter look alike, Bono, win Best Original Song with 'Ordinary Love' from the epic film, 'Mandela:The Long Walk To Freedom'.  

Ultimately Amy Poehler did win in her category for Best Actress, Comedy. Good for her! Poehler's acceptance speech was genuine, and nervous and it fit just right. It is possible however, the best thing that she said all night was while introducing Emma Stone and quoting the husky-voiced actress is saying that she is not looking for any new friends. Huh… I think a certain husky-voiced young actress probably got a little too snooty with a certain affable, well-connected, and highly experienced and respected actress. Some careers end very quietly in Los Angeles simply by one little person not making friends with the right people at the right time. It may be very, very interesting to see just how high Emma Stone's star will climb after tonight. I've got nothing but time, baby. 

Oy-yoy-yoy! Ben Affleck, the future Batman, as he announced the nominees for Best Director. Yes, his voice totally cracked on the very first name. I dunno, man. Who thought this guy is the one as Batman? Geewhiz. Anyway, at least to manage not to insult his wife any further by talking about how much hard work his marriage is. And he's off the stage. Great! 

Personal highlight of the night: Formula One legend, Niki Lauda and humble Aussie acting hunk, Chris Hemsworth, of 'Thor' fame. Lauda's skill and intellect mingled with Hemsworth's gentle-beast sensitivity. Oh yeah. Let's call it a night.  Here's a run-down of the winners of the sober snore-fest that was the 71st Annual Golden yada yada... 


"12 Years a Slave" 

"The Wolf of Wall Street" 

Matthew McConaughey, "Dallas Buyers Club" 

Cate Blanchett, "Blue Jasmine" 

Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Amy Adams, "American Hustle" 

Jared Leto, "Dallas Buyers Club" 

Jennifer Lawrence, "American Hustle" 

Alfonso Cuaron, "Gravity" BEST 

"The Great Beauty," Italy BEST 


Spike Jonze, "Her" 

"Ordinary Love," "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" 


"Breaking Bad," AMC 

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine," FOX 

Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad" 

Robin Wright, "House of Cards" 

Andy Samberg, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" 

Amy Poehler, "Parks and Recreation" 

"Behind the Candelabra," HBO 

Michael Douglas, "Behind the Candelabra" 

Elisabeth Moss, "Top of the Lake" 

Jon Voight, "Ray Donovan" 

Jacqueline Bisset, "Dancing on the Edge" 

~ Yada Yada Show Biz



Former CBC Producer Inspires

After a fourteen year battle with multiple myeloma former CBC producer C. Alexander Brown has passed away in Ottawa on Thursday, May 16th 2013, surrounded by family and loved ones.

He was known to his CBC family as Alec. Originally from Jamaica, Alec broke new ground as a young producer on the unique news magazine programme, "This Hour Has Seven Days", hosted by Patrick Watson, and Laurier LaPierre. Watson, who went on to become the president of CBC, formed a friendship with Alec.

Long before hiring policies enforced opportunities for visible minorities, Alexander Brown proved his merits producing such controversial documentaries as "Chemical and Biological Warfare" and "To Be Black in Philadelphia".

Alexander Brown leaves behind his sister, Joyce Brown, three daughters from his first marriage to Cynthia Brown, seven grandchildren and his loving wife, Inge Volnistijs.

To make a tax deductible donation to The Ride To Conquer Cancer for the team, ALEX BROWN'S THIS AIN'T THE JAMAICAN BOBSLED TEAM, please click on the link below:

Thank you!


Oscar Like We've Never Loved Him Before
Los Angeles - So this is what, 2013? Right? The Oscars have been on for the past, what's the math between 1929 and now? So... THAT. That's how long. A private dinner, and "cheers to your good work, old fellow". No television broadcast, barely any red carpet to speak of. All the way to the lollapalooza hosted by Seth MacFarlane, and shot out to the entire planet, with a steady stream of Tweets and FB updates, minute by minute. Well she ain't called the "Academy Awards" no more, and that's official. As of immediately, this award show is legally called The Oscars. Period. This is the year of change.
Some people loved the new style hosting, some did not. We care? The old codgers didn't like it, the new codgers who watch Family Guy, and think it's cool to make drunky-mcdrunkerson jokes thought it was cool. Face it, folks, this is the shape of things to come. If you didn't like Seth MacFarlane hosting the Oscars 2013, then you'll have to accept that you're a dinosaur. Harsh reality. "Oh, why is he mentioning Mel Gibson and Chris Brown?" Because he thinks that gross pigs deserve to be laughed at publicly, and the people who don't get it can sip their Geritol and doze off and let Mr. Mac "F" get back to work. So there!
It was a night of music, music, music. Like Hollywood High School Musical, with a ten year retrospective on musical films. This was a much needed change to the same old march of serious talent that had been sending audiences to snoresville for years. There was Captain Kirk beaming in from the future and messing with the Prime Directive (if you don't know what that means, you have to go buy a television or a laptop or something with a screen, like NOW!) with tips on averting an impending disastrous performance. Hardy-haha! The Oscars were much more musical than people expected. Good. Surprise! Now spit out your Geritol, and sing along.
We saw Charlize Theron's example of what a truly elegant and graceful lady can do with a decent dance partner, in this case Channing Tatum. No, there's no need to say "yummers", but... yummers... The beautiful irony that reminds us that if we live long enough, we'll see an excerpt from the film adaptation of the live musical show, 'Les Misérable' presented by it's talented cast live on stage as God had intended. What a thing of delight that performance was, Hugh Jackman starting the medley with "Suddenly", then Ann Hathaway merging in with "I Dreamed A Dream", and then the rest of the principal cast, including Helena Bonham Carter and Sasha Baron Cohen, joining for "One Day More". A real blessing for those with the ear for it: Russell Crowe, doing his very best like our own little tyke performing for his friends and family. Some friends; some family!
Jennifer Lawrence stumbled up the stairs. Yeah, who cares. It's a nerve wracking (yes, nerve racking is also correct - get over it) thing to float around in one of them there poofy dresses, while your feet are killing you and you're trying to remember your agent's name. Really, that girl is so talented, she probably planned the stumble as a brilliant piece of shtick to get us all yammering about it. Well, it worked.
Half the planet, under the age of twelve, is asking why Kristen Stewart of 'Twilight' fame was hobbling and hopping with crutches when she arrived on the red carpet, and why was she wearing some other girl's dress that didn't actually fit her? Well, she cut her foot very badly on glass and decided the show must go on, so... Really? Anyway.
Ok, so who won what? Obviously Ben Affleck did not win Best Director, 'cause no one would nominate him. O.k, he has already come to terms with the fact that he can't own ALL the toys in the box. So he gets Best Picture for 'Argo', and barely notices that the First Lady so brilliantly announced his award via satellite live from The White House, while she was attending the National Governor's Association Dinner. I'm sorry, is anyone else feeling the weight of those words?
Best Director: Ang Lee for 'Life of Pi' (the first Asian person to win in this category - JIPPEE!! Yes, Jippee.). Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis for the title role in 'Lincoln' (his third, and a stand alone record). Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence for 'Silver Linings Playbook'. Best Supporting Actor: Christophe Waltz for 'Django Unchained' (his second). Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway for 'Les Misérables'. Best Original Song: "Skyfall" from 'Skyfall' by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth. Best Original Score: Life of Pi by Canadian, Mychael Danna.


Paris Black Starts Sweetheart Tour of China

ON Thursday, February 14th, 2013 PARIS BLACK took to the skies for the start of a cross-country music extravaganza in The People's Republic of China. Canada's own international rock artist is causing hearts to swoon in the fourth largest country in the world, with songs that need no translation.

Traveling with a small entourage to Hong Kong, Guilin and Beijing, PARIS BLACK is expected to return to Canada early next month, with further plans for a second tour of China within the next three months.


Canada’s Royal Rock Couple


Toronto – This is GREAT! Canada’s Chad Kroeger has proposed to Canada’s Avril Lavigne. Woooo-hooooo!!!! He proposed on August 8th, 2012 and presented the rock ‘n roll princess with a 14 carat diamond ring. If you’re not certain how big a 14-carat diamond is, first understand that it really depends on how it has been cut. No matter the cut, I guarantee that if you tried to swallow a 14 carat diamond - even with a really big glass of champagne, which is the only way to swallow a diamond – you wouldn’t make it.


The pair had been working together on a song for Avril’s next CD. They got along had been dating since February. There have been some disturbing reports that Avril has gotten Chad involved in… scrap booking. Excuse me a moment, I’m going to be ill. O.k., so those reports are actually true. So now we know just how kinky they really are. No, you can’t un-know what you already know. It is a private pass-time, which apparently was a part of the proposal. Enough said. Who can judge another’s love and happiness?


Both Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger have created a lot of great hits and positive attention to Canada’s music machine. They have kept a lot of good musicians working, and now we hope that together they will be churning out more, more, more.


There has been some criticism of Avril’s past treatment of paparazzi and other members of the legitimate press, but those situations should be scrutinized on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes it was a matter of joking around that got out of hand. Some people need to repeat the word “paparazzi” a few times to get it. This isn’t going to make her a better or worse Mrs. Rock Goddess. Let’s face it; this may just be one of the most interesting Canadian weddings since Margaret and Pierre Trudeau.


Our official YadaYada Show Biz ‘CHAVRIL’ Wedding Wish List is as follows:


Location                      Manitoulin Island

Dress Designer            Tu Ly

Cake                            Raspberry Upside Down Cake

First Dance               “When I’m With You” by Sherriff

Second Dance        “Dream On” by Aerosmith

Honeymoon                Seychelle Islands


Send us your Chavril Wedding Wish List to: Yes, we’ll post the good ones – we’ll post the not-so-good ones to, maybe. Whatever!



Entertainment of



London, England – The world slowed down its task of perpetual self-destruction for a few days to celebrate mankind’s God-given strength, power and grace at the London Olympics. Well you probably watched The Games, and this isn’t a sports page, baby, so… No one expected England to out-do China’s unforgettable display. And they didn’t. But they rolled out the best they had – twice. Yawn. Hey, everyone has a radio, dude. Yes, British invasion, chimney sweeps, snippets of our favourite songs, mingled with large gestures for the audience to see on the big screen pixel boards. Again. Yawn.

The Queen appeared to skydive. Coolest thing ever. Paul MacCartney came out and… sang… a… bit… Ok. But during the entertainment of the closing ceremonies, Eric Idle said “Life’s a piece of sh*t” in front of British royalty!!! And Liam Gallagher finally sang to an audience that matches the size and caliber of his beautiful, iconic rock ‘n roll talent. Yes, The Who were there. Roger Daltrey must have made a deal with some deity, because he was too good to be true in every possible way. God bless him. But back to Liam, right? My theory is that no matter the ups and downs with brother, Noel Gallagher, those two boys love each other to the death. Oasis was an unbelievable rocket ride that changed rock ‘n roll music forever. They are happy to accept that Oasis is something great that was, and never will be again. What they don’t need to say to us, is that the horrible attack on Noel that sadly occurred in Canada, may have left a permanent mark on Noel that was both physical and emotional, and that we will never see Noel active with any band in the same way ever again. It is easier to go out with some @ss-kicking bravado of old in the guise of a rift. That’s o.k. Liam took his place in history, unique and self-defined, and showing the world what it means to be a rock god of Olympic proportions.


Goodbye, Nora Ephron


New York – We are saying goodbye to a warm and wonderful lady who captured the humour and grace in the mundane struggles of the human heart and turned them into iconic definitions of the best of our times: Nora Ephron. At the age of 71, Ms. Ephron, born in New York City, passed away from pneumonia after a six-year battle with leukemia. She has given us all a great lesson in privacy and dignity, having kept the severe nature of her illness away from the media until mere hours before her passing on June 26th, 2012.

Essayist, novelist and screenplay writer, Nora Ephron knocked our socks off back in the day with her screenplay for 'Silkwood'. The forgotten perspective of our times is that 'Silkwood' simply broke down many social barriers and restricting rules of conduct for women, for people victimized by big business, and for public acknowledgement of same sex relationships. That was just the tip of the iceberg that was boldly formed at the hands of Nora Ephron. Everyone everywhere will be saying the words 'When Harry Met Sally' coupled with the famous quote from the film "I'll have what she's having". Not far behind this will be discussions of how some of us never tire of watching 'Sleepless in Seattle' wrapped a worn out blanket, with a bowl of caramel corn and bag of cheesies. We watch and wait for the sadness to pass, and for the hope to turn to joy. Such good and seamless work.


Who knew that Nora Ephron was 71, let alone that she was in a fight for her life? She looked the way we all wish we could look: ageless, and elegant with a ready smile. She lived a life that clung to the banal in the face of glamour; tending to her family and her daily household routines. She left this world happily married to husband number three, Nicholas Pileggi, also a screenwriter and a journalist. Geeze, can you imagine the after-movie discussions? That could take two pots of tea and a nice lemon cake for sure.


Nora, thanks for the memories, my dear.


Paris Black at The Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show


Toronto – Spring is the time for falling in love, and the Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show, at the International Centre on Airport Road, gave a lot to love. There were beauty motorcycles that showed the perfect marriage between art and machine, and every kind of accessory, from standard issue, durable parts (don’t get me started about exhausts) to the quintessential, requisite pink leather chaps that some can’t live without. Best of all, and well deserving of the love were the three mainstage musical performances by Paris Black. By special request of the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show’s organizers, Hedy Hodgson, Bar Hodgson and Peter Derry, Paris Black delivered a unique unplugged performance backed up on acoustic guitar by the able-handed local musician, Steve Macpherson.


Paris Black has a long history of musical excellence which began in his teens, when he was on contract to a major label, and grinding out hits, while most teens were still figuring out which booth to visit on career day. On tour from Japan to London, England, Paris Black eventually settled into a quiet life – quiet by rock ‘n roll standards – as a highly successful Billy Idol impersonator based in Las Vegas, with engagements all over the US. It was at this time that he acquired a following within the profound motorcycle culture of America.


This was the foundation of the terrific performances that Paris Black gave during the two-day Motorcycle Show. His thrilling tone is strong and piercing, and Paris Black shimmied and jived from the day-time live stage shows at the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show to night-time live shows in the GTA. A motorcycle enthusiast himself, Paris Black rocks and revs with ease. Watch for Paris Black performing live in Markham on Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at Colonel Mustards (6545 Highway 7 near Markham Road) and next time around at the Toronto Winter Motorcycle Show with his full band.


The Grammys – A Night of Tributes and Tears


Los Angeles – The 54th Grammy Awards were presented to the world under the long and sad shadow of gloom after the abrupt passing of one of American music’s brightest stars, Ms. Whitney Houston. On the eve of Grammy Night, Whitney Houston, 48, was found by her staff unconscious and partially submerged in the bathtub of her Beverly Hills hotel. From her first moments under the spotlight as a talented teen, Whitney’s career was shaped by the best in the business, Clive Davis. In the span of her career, Whitney Houston defined what a great songstress and diva should be. The low points were obvious, and most people point a finger at ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for showing her the path to illicit drugs, which would rob the talented beauty of her drive and eventually of the gift of her melodious voice.


After decades of publicly accepted rehabilitation, thanks to the determination of people like Betty Ford, a road to recovery is available to just about everyone who wants it. So why do we still lose so many this way? Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Amy Winehouse, Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger, and many more who managed live on after abandoning their careers to spend every waking moment on a slower path of self-destructive drug addition.


And the beat goes on. While Whitney Houston’s lifeless body still lay in her hotel room, awaiting the Los Angeles Coroner’s Department to remove her, Clive Davis’ annual Grammy Eve Party went on just a few floors down in the same hotel. Although Davis stated that family members gave their approval, and that Whitney “would have wanted it that way”, some things should not be asked, and some things should not be done. Many invited guests did not attend. Yes, it came out later that the Houston Family had not condoned the party in any way, shape or form.


This is the grim preface to the 54th Grammy Award Show, broadcast live from The Staple Centre in downtown Los Angeles. If you missed it, Grammy host, L.L. Cool J. won the love and respect of many by opening with a heart-felt, and inclusive prayer of gratitude to for the gift of “our sister, Whitney”. Throughout the night the good and great performers of our day took time to express their sadness and respect for the late Ms. Houston. The Queen of Funk, Chaka Khan (born Yvette Marie Stevens) who was scheduled to perform live, was inconsolable and unable to walk onto the stage. Jennifer Hudson, no stranger to the worst kind of grief and mourning, struggled visibly to contain her emotions and managed to complete her tribute to Whitney Houston with the song, “I Will Always Love You”.


Adele won with ‘21’ for Pop Vocal Album of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year for ‘Rolling in the Deep’, Best Pop Solo Performance for ‘Someone Like You’, Song of the Year for ‘Rolling in the Deep’, and Short-Form Music Video for ‘Rolling in the Deep’. Ya see what happens when ya stop playing air guitar in your mom’s basement, and get out there and play some gigs and make some calls, and stuff? The Fooeys won Best Rock Performance for ‘Walk’, and Long-Form Music Video for ‘Back and Forth’. If you ask who the Fooey’s are, I’m a send you back to your room to play air guitar! Kanye West and Jay-Z won Best Rap Performance for ‘Otis’. Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse won Pop Duo/Group Performance for their ‘Body and Soul’, and the great Booker T. Jones won Best Pop Instrumental Album for The Road From Memphis. Catch Mr. Booker T. Jones this summer at Orillia's Couchiching Beach Park June 9th, 2012. Of course he will be all over the festival circuit, but admit it, you like saying Couchiching. Now you can smile.





CHUM FM Morning Team: World Class Fare on Air


Hosts so nice you gotta say their names... THRICE. That would be Roger Darren and Marilyn, also known as Roger Ashby, Darren B. Lamb and the great Marilyn Dennis, the hosting team of 104.5 CHUM FM's Toronto morning show. CHUM FM is the 2011 winner of the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Award in the category of Station of the Year. If that doesn't sound impressive, you probably need another cup of coffee. One of the reason's CHUM radio brand has stayed relevant for 67 years, soon to be 68 years, is the winning combination of three of the most clever, skilled and truly talented announcers on air today.


Roger Ashby brings a wry intellect that can barely contain a ready quip or joke that actually requires a literary education in order to keep up. Roger Ashby is the real deal. He is called to the profession of radio announcing the way some brain surgeons are called to the medical profession. His daily role as the stabilizing factor in this morning radio show is the fulfillment of a childhood dream, which became a strong and regular routine of creating his own practice radio show in his childhood home. No one ever says this about radio guys, but Roger Ashby is a good looking man, man!


Darren B. Lamb is a hidden treasure of vocal talent. Before you know what has happened, this well trained announcer is able to create a plethora of characters ranging from talking toddlers to a very convincing middle-aged house wife. It doesn’t take too many sessions to figure out that Darren has a glimmering streak of honour and integrity that will not tarnish, even under the heaviest deluge of pop star success stories that traipse through the CHUM studios for the sake of  shameless self-promotion.


Marilyn Denis has a name that is synonymous with quality and excellence. In spite of her storied career in radio and television, Marilyn Denis maintains her earthy humility and inexhaustible charm in all situations. Her time is split between the CHUM morning radio show and her namesake television show, The Marilyn Denis Show, which airs on CTV and online at This former host of CityLine has her own collection of  Gemini Awards to decorate her downtown Toronto digs. Born in Alberta, Marilyn grew up in Pittsburg Pennysylvania and returned to the land of clean streets, air, and water to keep the good people of Canada well entertained and informed.


Tune in to 104.5 CHUM FM Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 9:00 am for somw fun fare with your breakfast.


The Top 10 Hottest Men of 2011



Here's YadaYada Show Biz’s idea of the hottest men in 2011. You can send the kids to bed because Justin Bieber is not on this list. Look, he's what 17. That's great, but Justin Bieber is not a man. Not yet. Honourable mentions to Kanye West for a fantastic year of work, The Artist (formerly Prince yada blah blah) for dragging out music from 20 years ago and re-packaging it to make all of the $$ for none of the sweat, and to whats-his-name Schwarzeneggar for setting up the best in-house infidelity scam in h-i-s-t-o-r-y. Ewww… now I need a shower.

#10. Leonard Cohen


What can I say? Leonard, ya still got it, baby, and I want to feed you tea and oranges.

#9. Chaz Bono


It takes a real man to go through all of that, and then do the cha-cha on every television in the free world.

#8. Robert Pattinson


R-Pats is o.k. by us. If you’ve read the Stephanie Meyer vampire book series, Twilight, then you will know that Robert Pattinson doesn’t truly fulfill the physical description of the marble-skinned demon-lover of the series. He does, however, bring life to this un-dead character with such a convincing performance that it really doesn’t matter.  He has blossomed from a Harry Potter accessory to a full-on global phenomenon, but let's face it, Lautner has like a million more muscles, so...

#7. Christian Bale


Start with 'Empire of the Sun' and take note of how Christian Bale's talent has only grown, sans the ridiculous party animal stories that seem to plague some young stars. Yeah, there was an odd report or two about blah, blah swearing. That happens eight times a day in Hollywood with actors who will never have half the talent that Christian Bale has in his little toe. Christian Bale has brought a dynamism and depth to the 'Batman' franchise that may not be matched in the bleak days to come. And he's cute.

#6. Mickey Rourke


An actor, and an bona fide boxer, retired, who walked in and out of the entertainment industry enough times to really have been gone for good, but guess what? Yeah, we all noticed. He's back. and he's breaking hearts with the profound and intimate performances that won our acclaim back in his 'Bar Fly' days. Ahhhh.... Mickey.

#5. Ryan Gosling


This man will never go hungry, and you know it. Ryan Gosling will be dining out on his role in 'The Note Book' until our society becomes literate again. Nobody cares that his jaw isn't quite square, or that his eyes may be a smidge too close together. Nope, Ryan Gosling is golden, and that's why he's on our list. All you have to do is score the lead male role in 'The Note Book', and then really turn that sucker out, and you too can be on this list. This man can act, and he comes to work ready to give 100%, and some. There are a lot of fine actors who could learn a few things from Mr. Gosling.

#4. Isaiah Mustafa


Excuse me, I may need to lay down for this one. Oh Isaiah... Yes, you do know who he is. He's the Old Spice guy on the horse, with the diamonds, who smells better than the schlub sitting next to you on the sofa. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Uh-huh. Nothing smells hotter than horses and diamonds.

#3. Paris Black


Wow! He looks like Thor, he's actually nice to his fans, and he sings rock 'n roll music the way God intended. His latest CD, "I'm Not Jesus" (distributed by Universal Music) is filled with the romantic lyrics we all wish our partners would whisper and growl to us somewhere in a sea of goose down. With songs like "Dirty Kisses", and the reggae tune, "Sexy Girl", and "Never Be Amazing", which charted number one in the Canadian rock category, Paris Black, a trained boxer, professional model and actor, and international recording artist, is singing his way into the hearts of fans worldwide.

#2. Taylor Lautner


This is the real hunk of the Twilight Saga. This one-time child actor has genuine martial arts skills. Arriving in the first Twilight film in the role of Jacob, Lautner put on 30 ponds on pure muscle, and proved to the fil's producers that he could transform into the powerful teen werewolf created on the pages of Stephanie Meyer's tween bait book series. All together now: Ohhhh.... Taylor....

#1 Ryan Reynolds


This is a no-brainer. Psyche! As if. Are you kidding me! Sorry, folks, it takes more that stubble and a dirty old undershirt to make this list. Hey Ryan (number two) is a cute guy, sure. 

The  real #1 is Steve Jobs.


The co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Apple. Thank you, Steve for Nemo and WALL*E, and Buzz Lightyear, and the iPone, and the iPad, and the iPod, and all the other cool creations. Thank you, Steve, for making the world a slightly better place in the time you were here. Now that's hot.


See you next year.


~ YadaYada

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