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Tracy Morgan: We Didn't Know You Cared


Hollywood - Oy! Tracy Morgan with the mouth going on about gay this and not my kids that. So what?! Have you heard this dude when he's on Howard Stern? Apparently it only matters what Tracy Morgan says when he's on mainstream media.

Tracy Morgan is a terrific entertainer. Many a performer would trade their dish rags for his career any day of the week. So what's the problem? The Big Corporate Machine is the problem. The advertising dollars behind "30 Rock" care about what he says to middle-America. The Big Corporate Machine doesn't care what Tracy Morgan says to fringe-America while he's killing time on the quickly expiring XM Radio Network. Never mind that the BCM (yeah, the Big Corporate thing-a-ma-jig) also controls XM Radio, which is dying because the BCM wants it to die. Don't ask why! But do ask why no one touches the homophobic remarks that populate the XM airwaves.

You either believe that you are making the world a better place or you are just putting on the kinda face that best suits the man with the money. Maybe Tina Fey can explain it to us. Whatever!



Selena Gomez - Mystery Illness Is None of Our Business, Yet

Los Angeles - No one is saying that SELENA GOMEZ IS PREGNANT WITH JUSTIN BIEBER'S CHILD. She just had an extremely bad tummy ache and headache and had to be taken to hospital Thursday, June 9th, 2011. Justin Bieber, being the kind of boyfriend that is rarely found in the entertainment industry, rushed to be by her side as she gave birth to lots of rumours and very few answers. It's a tough world for young entertainers sometimes. While other kids their age are being ordered to bed by ten o'clock, they're being ordered to stay alert and perform with all their heart. There is a not-so-small price to pay for the imperceptible metamorphosis from cute kid to cute kid all day, every day, and twice on Sundays.


Her camp rightly or wrongly issued some statements pertaining to Selena being exhausted and slightly under nourished, but no one with three brain cells is buying it because, hun, you were just on a super vacation with the super boyfriend in Hawaii. Unless it was a crystal meth vacation, we think you’re pretty much rested. I’m just saying.


Get well soon, Selena. Here's one my Grandma used to say: "Early to bed, and early to rise makes a child healthy, wealthy and wise".


The 2011 MTV Movie Awards


Los Angeles - O.k. the MTV Movie Awards were on Sunday, June 5th, 2011. "Saturday Night Live" star Jason Sudeikis hosted. The evening was broadcast live, or was that broadcast HIGH from the Gibson Amphitheater, formerly the Universal Amphitheater, in the beautiful city of angels, in California. Whatever! We thought 2011 was the year of the rabbit on the Chinese calendar. No, 5,000 years of ancient culture is wrong, baby. 2011 is the year of the F-bomb. Puh-lease. Oh here's a new word we haven't been practicing on the swings when all the other kids went home early. "Does this F-bomb make me look thinner?". Yes, Reese, you look young and slim, and no one can see the giant crack in your heart left by Ryan Phillippe, because that beautiful house dress you're wearing hides it all. Oy!


So here's what happened at the MTV or More Twilight Vampires Awards Show: There was a gross waste of time on the red carpet where major stars showed off their bedazzled Old Navy up grades. Good gravy, what happened to fashion that night? The same major stars had their compensating prescriptions to make them look less drunk while they were very drunk, drunk, drunky mcdrunkerson, drunk, but only sorta makes them seem high when they were actually off the chart high, baby.


Robert Pattinson won Best Male Performance (was he pretending to be a male?) for his role as the teen vampire, Edward Cullen in "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse". Pattinson also picked up Best Kiss with real life gal pal and "Twilight" co-star Kristen Stewart. Oh yeah, and R-Pats won Best Fight with Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel. Listen, Bryce Dallas Howard is a lovely girl, and she is probably half an Oscar away from being Hollywood Royalty, but could nothing have been done to keep Rachelle Lefevre in the "Twilight" family? BDH (c'mon, who wants to keep typing that out) did a great job filling in, but what a schism to plant her in what could have been a flawless tribute to the power of triple strength estrogen. Let's see, 100 Million girls over the age of eleven have read the books  (there are three chunky vampire bibles worth of story here), seen THREE of the movies thus far, bought the soundtracks, and the wrist bands, and the t-shirts, and the blank journals, and the gift bags, and the trivia games, and the action figures, and the spin-off-not-such-a spin-off book, "The Host", by "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer (yeah, that's how she spells her name, leave me alone about it!), and they've pulled in enough money to set up labs in every major country in the world to find a CURE FOR AIDS, but they couldn't adjust the shooting schedule by three weeks to allow Ms. Lefevre to reprise the role of Victoria, which she originated in the first two "Twilight" films. I'm just saying.


Back to the teenage antics in the school gym. Perhaps to make up for the near riot caused on the red carpet when his "Twilight" rival, Taylor Lautner arrived, Robert Pattinson returned to the audience where he smooched the young Adonis, Lautner. What's that called again, oh, yeah GLAM HOG! Dude you're in the biggest film series since "Star Wars". Chill, you really are winning.


Kristen Stewart co-star of "YadaYada Twilight Moonlight Saga Whatever" won for Best Female Performance and the film, "Eclipse" won Best Movie.


The non-vampire winners who picked up MTV Movie Awards on Sunday included Justin Bieber for Best Jaw Dropping Moment for his feature film "Never Say Never". No one else matters except Ellen Page, who won the award for Best Scared As S&&t Performance (you all know what that word is) for her role in "Inception".            
Congrats To The Pair With The Babe In The… PINK!!


 Los Angeles – The lady currently known as Pink and her husband, not her husband, back to being her husband again Carey Hart have produced a live heir of the female persuasion. They have named their new baby, Willow Sage Hart – no jokes, they could have done waaaaaay worse, and you know it!! Little Willow was born Thursday, June 2nd, 2011.

Because this is what new mother’s do, Pink tweeted to the world, "We are ecstatic to welcome our new beautiful healthy happy baby girl, Willow Sage Hart. She's gorgeous, just like her daddy. #beyondblessed." Um, o.k.


Pink and tough guy Carey Hart were wed back in 2006, then they separated in 2008 and then they re-got-together in 2009, for which Willow may be eternally grateful – me too!             
Photo: Sara De Boer


Paris Black is BACK!


Toronto - Former Canadian teen idol Paris Black is back on the rock music scene with his new CD, “I’m Not Jesus”, featuring the very addictive singles, “Dirty Kisses”, “Breathe” and “Take Me Home”. Paris Black has returned to the live music circuit in Toronto with recent live performances May 27th at P.K. Creek (255 Dundas Street West Mississauga), and returning visits to The Unicorn (175 Eglinton Ave East) with seasoned rockers, The Highrollers.


Paris Black first came to fame as a mega superstar teen idol with immediate hits like “Better Get Ready”, Lover”, and “Buried Alive”. Looking much more mature than his actual teenage years at the time, Paris was thrust into a world which offered every excitement to a young rock star, with little or no filter. Mentored by the great Kenny MacLean, former member of one of Canada's most successful rock bands, Platinum Blonde, Paris Black was able to apply wisdom and maturity to many of his choices, including the decision to step back from actively performing and concentrating instead on being a well-rounded human being.

Now back with strength and determination, Paris Black has completely transformed his image from the boy next door to the man of our dreams. With a physique that would do justice to the god Thor, and a smooth singing style that excites and inspires, Paris Black is back to work on stage and in the studio.


Originally born in Denmark, Paris Black’s talent and tenacity gives every explanation to the expression “Great Dane”. Amen! Look for his CD “I’m Not Jesus” in stores soon.

Photo: Bonnie Fudge

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